The Race4Warriors logo is simplistic in design but represents a significant dedication from our warriors and all Americans to the US commitment in the Middle East.  This logo stands to recognize and honor those who have served in this region.

    The “4” represents the four beaches in Delaware, the "First State," in which the race will encompass.  It also represents our support:  4 our Veterans, 4 our Wounded Warriors, 4 our Homeless Veterans, with awareness and education 4 our Communities and 4 our Schools. Lastly, the red symbolizes the hardship, courage, and ultimate sacrifice of our veterans and their families in the Middle East.

     The three silhouettes symbolize the men and women of all our military forces. The silhouettes recognize those who have served with pride, integrity, and honor.  This logo honors the power and history we embraced as we have faced our enemies.  Our most focal silhouette is represented with a wounded warrior, armed and ready to continue the fight for freedom around the world.


     The wording around the symbols are straight and to the point.  Our nonprofit organization only exists to orchestrate a race to support and honor the veterans who have served in the Middle East and continue to recognize them for their great service to our country.