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Due to the Corona Virus the 2020 Inaugural Event was cancelled.  After an outcry from some of our participants, we hosted a virtual race. Each participant received a Race4Warriors Challenge Coin (donated by and a distinctive set of dog tags were awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. 

5K Challenge Run
Over 60 Male
Jerry Aniska (34:34) FIRST PLACE

50-59 Female

Lori Waldee-Warden (29:25) FIRST PLACE
Sandra Waldee-Warden (31:58) SECOND PLACE
Kathi Aniska (49:41) THIRD PLACE

40-49 Female
Amy Martin (34:23) FIRST PLACE

5K Challenge March (Race Walk)
40-49 Male
Jim Martin (1:09:38) FIRST PLACE
13-16 Female
Paige Martin (1:05:38) FIRST PLACE
13-16 Male
Patrick Martin (1:09:38) FIRST PLACE

5K Challenge Heavy March (Race Walk)
50-59 Female
Laurie Milnes (55:15) FIRST PLACE



10K Challenge Run

50-59 Male

David Piotrowski (1:08) FIRST PLACE

10K Challenge March (Race Walk)
Over 60 Male
Frank Bohle (1:49:13) FIRST PLACE (Tie)
Al Wilcox (1:49:13) FIRST PLACE (Tie)

50-59 Female
Nadine Redington (1:37:40) FIRST PLACE
13-16 Female
Alicia Redington (1:37:40) FIRST PLACE

10K Challenge Heavy March (Race Walk)
50-59 Male
J.R. Jones (1:40:12) FIRST PLACE

Half Marathon Challenge Run
50-59 Female
Bonnie Schirato (2:13:25) FIRST PLACE
30-39 Male
Andrew Ness (2:04:38) FIRST PLACE

Half Marathon Challenge March (RACE WALK)
Over 60 Female
Louise Holt (2:58:13) FIRST PLACE

Marathon Challenge Run
Dave Donahoo (3:45:12) FIRST PLACE
20-29 Male
Alex Byrnes (3:14:42) FIRST PLACE

Marathon Challenge March

Over 60 Male

Rich Holmes (6:48:56) FIRST PLACE