The Race4Warriors Board of Directors consists of five retired Air Force, Chief Master Sergeant (E9), First Sergeants. They have over 130 years of combined service and were considered the top of the enlisted force during their time in service. For those unfamiliar with the military, there are over 300,000 enlisted Airmen serving in the Active Duty, Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserve. There are only thirteen Chief Master Sergeant First Sergeant positions in the Air Force, serving at the highest enlisted leadership levels. Additionally, CMSgt (Ret) Sandy Miller, the Vice-Chairwoman, also served as a Wing Command Chief prior to her retirement. Each of these phenomenal individuals continue to service in retirement in their local communities in addition to their time spent, without conpensation, supporting the Race4Warriors non-profit organization's mission and vision. Below we have posted the creeds for First Sergeants and Air Force Chief Master Sergeants. As you can see, the foundation of our Board of Directors is people first, mission always. As you consider supporting the Race4Warriors organization, either through participating in one of the challenges or donating, feel secure your efforts will be honored by supporting our veterans and communities.

Thank you for your support!

CMSgt (Ret) Michael Bellerose, Chairman
Air Force Reserve Command’s First Sergeant Functional Manager
Civilian Career: First Officer, American Airlines. Airbus 320

CMSgt (Retired) Sandy Miller, Vice-Chairwoman
Air Force’s First Sergeant Special Duty Manager, Pentagon
Civilian Career: United Methodists Mission Church, DC

CMSgt (Retired) Mark Stevenson, Treasurer
POTUS Security Forces Chief First Sergeant, Andrews AFB
Civilian Career: Senior Director, Military Officer Association of America

CMSgt (Retired) Daniel Mitchell, Secretary
Air National Guard’s First Sergeant Functional Manager
Civilian Career: Chief Operations Officer, Pentagon Performance Inc.

CMSgt (Retired) Robert Frank
Air Force’s First Sergeant Special Duty Manager, Pentagon
Civilian Career: Financial Education Program Manager, U.S. Army




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